Imbibe Skincare Tools

Imbibe Skincare Tools


The two sustainable skincare tools that every woman must have. Polish is our Pearl Powder Konjac Sponge designed to lightly exfoliate your skin after cleansing, and Sculpt is our 24-carat gold face vibrating tool to use as your daily at-home facial. Both work to energise, refine and contour your skin. And ever better, both tools are totally reusable.



The smooth yet palpable vibrations of the 24-carat gold-plated Sculpt tool glide over your neck, cheeks, temples and forehead, bringing plump, dewy luminosity to your skin.


Stimulating fresh blood flow, collagen and oxygen to the skin's cells, Sculpt helps to define the contours of your face, intensify hydration and bounce while creating a revived and refreshed, natural glow.


It’s our sustainable, easy to use beauty tool. To use, simply insert an A-battery, turn on via the handle. Your Sculpt facial sculpting tool will now be vibrating at 6,000 vibrations per minute.


To use, simply press to skin and glide in upward motions with gentle pressure.


Using long, upwards strokes, moving from the collarbones up the neck to the jawline, then from the centre of the chin across the jawline to ears. Anywhere from 30 sec - 10 minutes is good!


When you have finished simply turn the switch off and store in the velvet bags it comes in, ready for your next Sculpting session.


SCULPT vibrates at over 6,000 vibrations per minute, giving you a mini at home facial.

24 carat gold plated giving cooling effects for the skin



The Pearl Polish Konjac sponge is an essential step in your skin care ritual as a light, daily exfoliation, designed to remove makeup, cleanse the skin and gently lift the day away.


Made from sustainable, all-natural plant-based konjac root, the soft fibres of the sponge are woven with mineral rich, microground pearl powder to purify skin cells, gently brighten and to refine the skin’s surface, encouraging a smooth, radiant complexion.


Use after, or in place of cleansing to remove all impurities and polish the skin.




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    Use on clean skin after Collagen Protect to further activate the serum. Holding the rod, lift it to face and apply a light pressure.

    Starting from the chin and using long sweeping upward strokes, move up toward your cheekbones, temples and nose.

    Using the same motion from the midline of your face move SCULPT from your nose to forehead up and outward toward your hairline. Enjoy the golden vibrations!


    Best used after cleansing the skin. Simply submerge in water until the Konjac sponge has completely bloomed.

    Once soft and full, wring out excess water and use from the décolletage upwards, in short, gentle, circular motions, leaving skin polished, naturally illuminated and nourished.

    Replace every four months or when fibres start to dissolve. Dispose of old sponge in kitchen compost or green bin.